“We teamed up with one of the best technical cave divers in Europe, Anton Zhuchkov, and dove two fantastic caves”Jonathan Bird's Blue World 

"Anton is an excellent cave diving instructor in PortugalI offer my sincere thanks. Without your help, everything would never have turned out so well… There are only a few such people left in the world. Thank you for your responsiveness and kindness."Ivan Berendejev

“I am especially grateful to Anton Zhuchkov for new knowledge and goals"Ariada Bushujeva

"Anton Zhuchkov is a legendary cave explorer and instructor”Kieran Bevan

“Anton Zhuchkov is a wonderful instructor with incredible knowledge and has a great way to teach without stress”Jens Biegert

“Anton Zhuchkov is an excellent professional and Instructor, it's very easy to learn with him”Hugo Pereira

“We wouldn’t have reached this milestone without the incredible support and meticulous mentoring of our best Instructor Trainer Anton Zhuchkov”Andrei Nosenko