Anton Zhuchkov is ready to dive


I build a program of education individually for a particular student/s, normally packing the regular IANTD courses into one complex course. A student comes and gets them in parallel or one by one depending on the courses and the level of the student. To request a price for my courses, please, send me info about your current certification, experience, the approximate number of dives, which course you want to get, and your goals in diving. The daily price for my work starts from 400 Euros per diver in a group with a maximum of two students and 500 Euros for individual training. Depending on the course, it takes from 2 to 5 days. The final price of the program of the course I can say only after I have the requested info above.When you get my price you know that it is the final amount which includes everything that you only need for the course, except hotel and food. No extra expenses.I always recommend only individual courses. The maximum efficiency from a course is possible to get if only one student is on the course. It is because all my attention is yours. No compromises and we have more interesting diving.