T-reb ccr

Warning. Everything that you read here about the rebreather is my personal opinion!
General infoT-reb is a modern sidemount close circuit rebreather produced by Other Gravity, Poland. CE certified. The features of the rebreather are an aluminum case, a 2L oxygen tank onboard, an s80-like size and light weight.

T-reb CCR review

The size
The diameter of the rebreather is even smaller than s80 tank, the height is a bit higher. It is amazing that with such a small size of the rebreather and 2.5 kg of the scrubber, the producer found space for a 2L bottle. The size of the rebreather makes it very comfortable, especially for narrow caves. 

T-reb CCR, comparison of the size of the rebreather with s80

The breathing hoses and connectors
T-reb has the connectors of IQsub. They are very reliable and easy to use. 

The DSV in T-reb is from IQsub. It is a great-designed DSV. 

The counterlungs
The counterlungs are placed in parallel with a 2L oxygen bottle. The volume of the counterlungs is 2.3L which is not a lot, but enough for everything. 

Mccr and eCCR
T-reb can be mCCR and eCCR. You choose.

The head and electronicsT-reb has its own designed electronics. A small and handy controller of the rebreather shows you ppO2 and allows you to set the set points up and do the same as all other controllers do, but doesn’t calculate the decompression time. The controller is something like a mixture between a display and a controller-computer. The reb also has a cable with Fisher connector and you can use Shearwater computer to have deco time and all the regular data of the computer if you need it. Also, you can use any independent computer to count deco time. No problem at all. Someone can think “oh, it is inconvenient, I need two devices instead of one to know my deco” and would be, from my point of view, not correct for all the situations. For example, if you use dual or more rebreathers in a dive, you need to use an independent computer to know your deco time changing the rebreathers. Even if you use dual Liberty SM during your dive and one of your rebs is in the bailout mode, and, because of that, calculating deco correctly (Liberty has this mode, Shearwater is going to represent it soon), when you jump to the third (or fourth, etc) reb, a bailout or oxygen one, which is parked somewhere in a cave and is not with you permanently during your dive, you, anyway, use an independent computer which is with you all the time to have the correct data. In that case, the controller of T-reb is just more than enough and I would say it is even more convenient because of the small size of the controller which looks on the hand much better than Shearwater Petrel. I would also say that T-reb is an ideal bailout rebreather, especially in the configuration - a backmount rebreather plus BO T-reb because of a lot of things. If you dive with just one rebreather, in that case, yes, you need a computer and a backup one to calculate decompression. For sure you have them from your OC past. You do not need to pay twice for the computer when you buy a rebreather. Anyway, when you start diving much deeper and longer with dual rebreather you will use them. If you do not have two, use an independent computer and buy Shearwater Petrel and use it through Fisher connector of the reb. Also, it is quite popular to use Nerd2 Shearwater.

The canister and scrubber
The canister is from aluminum. It is very durable and light. The scrubber 2.5 kg of T-reb is produced by IQsub and it is the same as in Xccr and Flex2 CCRs. If you have them it is very convenient to change the scrubber between the rebs if you need it. 

MAVs and Gas connectionT-reb has 2L tank for oxygen onboard in the body. With a quick connect bracket you can place 2L diluent tank on the canister. You have oxygen and diluent MAVs with quick connectors for off-board gas. 

ADVT-reb doesn’t have ADV. it has a pressure compensator valve. The compensator is enough to equalize the inside pressure with outside one, but it doesn’t give you more diluent if you need it. If you want to use T-reb as a bailout rebreather, the lack of ADV is even good, because the compensator doesn’t give so much gas as ADV and you simply economize the diluent. When you use the rebreather, you add the diluent in the counterlungs manually. If you are used to using mCCR, you are like this function. If not, no problem, in a couple of hours of diving you feel as if you always dive this way. If you wish you can install an ADV as well, for example, the ADV of Liberty CCR. It is 5 min of work. 

TravelingYou can just put the rebreather into a big-size suitcase or you can divide it by two parts and put it into a medium-sized suitcase. The transportation weight is around 14 kg without a tank. 2L steel tank is a regular one, you can find and rent it in a lot of diving destinations. The size of the box on the photo is 60 cm x 40 x 30 cm.

T-reb CCR in the box

Washing You can disconnect the DSV and hoses, the counterlungs, remove the scrubber. Everything disconnects quickly and easily. No difficulties.

The website of the producer, click here