Hauberk dry suits

Seacraft scooters, Go, Future, Gost, Dual Seacraft Gost scooter, Dual DPV

Me and my dry suit

Go, Future, Gost models of Seacraft underwater scooters

I am an official dealer of Hauberk dry suits manufacturer in Portugal. The small family firm in Ukraine produces great quality of dry suits and undergarments. If you want to see the suits, come to my diving center. Everything is customized and made to measure! There are a lot of different colors, types of materials, and models. I can also give you a dry suit course if necessary. 

Seacraft Gost 1500 in Dual configuration

My 400 full body heating undergarments with two heating circles and the heating socks. It can be heating gloves as well. One heating circle (cable) is primary, and one is backup. It needs for redundancy. I can also switch them both on in parallel if I am cold. This idea was created by me with the producer after the incident I had underwater when the melting cable of my heating undergarment of one of the famous producers on the market had a short circuit during the dive and for 3 hours of decompression I suffered from the coldness when I switched on the undergarment or from the pain of burning skin on my belly. You can listen to that story on the page "About me" in the video interview that I gave to BlueWorldTv.


My batteries, 136 A/h total, for up to 10 hours of diving. I also use the batteries of my two Seacraft Ghost 1500 DPVs for heating if I do diving with DPV.

Ask me questions and come to take your measurements for an order. You can also place the order directly to the producer. Say "Portugal" and get my cave diving configuration and "made to measure" for free of charge! You can see all the models and the description of the production on the website of the producer. 

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