Flex2 sidemount rebreather

Flex2 sidemount CCR

Liberty sidemount rebreather

Liberty SM CCR

FXccr chectmount CCR

FXccr chestmount CCR

I am an Instructor for Liberty backmount and sidemount rebreather, Flex2 and T-reb sidemount CCR, soon FXccr chestmount rebreather. Also, I am a dual rebreather instructor for any type and brand of rebreathers. I teach that a rebreather is not a “saint cow” or “a baby” or something else which people frequently say about their devices not even allowing other people to touch them. A rebreather is just a filter of CO2 and a keeper of the necessary level of oxygen. Nothing else. The modern machines are so simple that for sure if you can make maintenance for your first stage of a regulator, you are good enough to do the same for your rebreather.For my type of diving, it is diving to an overhead environment, mostly cave diving, but can be mine or wreck diving as well, I always prefer to use a sidemount or dual SM and even triple SM rebreather depending on the dive. It is because I believe that SM eCCR is the most flexible and universal type of rebreather for cave diving, especially for solo. You can easily place your reb/s in front of you and check the bubbles, repair something, or pass a restriction that you are not able to pass with backmount or chestmount rebreathers. Comparatively with BM, it is much easier to carry SM rebreather to the water, especially inside a cave, if you have a difficult landscape and condition of the environment. If your sidemount rebreather is flooded and you need to escape asap from a cave, you can easily leave your reb in the cave and not carry a “stone” in an emergency. It is safer. At the same time, SM reb is a fully functional rebreather as BM. it is not a compromise as a chestmount ccr, which I normally use only as an oxygen rebreather for a deco stage of my deep dives.
The list of courses that I give to divers with CCR and mCCR:- Air diluent CCR diver- Normoxic Trimix CCR diver- Normoxic Trimix Plus CCR diver- Trimix CCR diver- Expedition Trimix CCR diver- Cave CCR
You can get my initial course for a rebreather diver or a crossover to the rebreathers for which I am certified.

T-reb sidemount CCR

T-reb sidemount CCR