• Olho da Mira

    For many years the cave was used as a water source for a small city around the spring. That is why the cave looks more like a mine till -75 meters depth on a distance of 500 meters from the entrance. There is a pipe and many footprints of human activity in the past before the drilling technology was created. You can see pure nature only after the second gate. You pass a small square hole in an artificial wall on a depth of -75 m and go next 500 meters further till -150 meters of depth and a restriction. It is a siphone full of sand and there is no way to go forward. Maybe in one year, the current of the water will be strong enough to remove the sand and we can see what is further. Let´s hope and dive there every year to see the condition of that underwater siphon. 

    The profile of Olho da Mira cave