ANÇOS cave

  • Anços cave

    It is a crazy cave! Narrow, Vertical, Long, and Deep! Everything that you only heard about diving is required to do an exploration here! Millions of years ago it was a canyon with a river on the bottom. During the years its edges dropped down and covered the river. To be able to escape from the ground the water made several holes to the surface. One of the holes is the Anços spring. The cave is explored to -169 meters of depth with a distance of 418 meters from the entrance (2023 year). The first 300 meters of the distance, from - 15 m till - 120 meters of depth the cave goes a snake-like vertically down! Passing the restrictions upside down with onemount position in some places and putting the line is madness. Below -120 m, the cave becomes wide and goes deep. To continue the exploration deeper -169 m an underwater scooter is required due to the long distance and a great for this type of profile depth. The exploration is going on.

    The profile of Anços cave

    It was 7 hours of diving, 25 min below 100 m and 15 min below 150 m of the depth