• Alviela cave

    The video BlueWorldTv about Alviela cave.

    It is one of the deepest caves in the world! It is explored to 212 meters of depth with a distance of 1,5 km from the entrance, 8 hours of diving, 10 min below 200 m and 30 min below 100 m. It takes as minimum as 35 minutes with the high speed of a modern scooter to reach the last exploration point and pay for that with as minimum as 7 hours of decompression after a couple of minutes of exploration work. According to the prediction of geologists, the depth of the cave can be up to 300-500 meters! Alviela is a huge very beautiful cave with simple navigation. It is a perfect cave for beginners and top-prepared cave divers with dual rebreathers, dual diver vehicle propulsion, habitats (bells), and support teams. The exploration is going on. 

    The profile of Alviela cave

    The video of Armando Ribeiro about our exploration of the cave in 2021.