• Almonda cave

    The video BlueWorldTv about Almonda cave.

    It is the longest Portuguese cave and one of the longest one in Europe. According to the prediction of geologists, the total length of the cave can be 80-120 km! It is a very ancient cave with 3 or maybe even 4 levels, very big, and has difficult navigation. It has been explored for around 17 km by now. Currently, the cave has three entrances Almonda 1, 2, and 3. Almonda 1 places on a toilet paper factory Renova. The maximum depth of the siphon is 76 meters. Almonda 2 is the artificial entrance that was dug around 20 years ago to have a short way to several siphons after the first one. Till now no one has not passed any siphon here to reach a dry continuation of the cave. The maximum depth which was reached here is 160 meters. Almonda 3 is a half-natural half artificial entrance where we are working now. It is located after the siphons of Almonda 2. The exploration is going on.The video of BlueWorldTv about Almonda 1 is here.

    The profile of Almonda cave